March 2, 2019 Susie Rutz

Autumn News 2019

Autumn 2019

Hello & welcome to the Autumn edition of our popular little newsletter.   I don’t know about you but I am so happy to see the finish of the Summer heat!

We hope you all had a great time with family and friends over Christmas and New Year and enjoyed your holidays, or just some lazy time off around the house.

Mum (Jannene) and I enjoyed our annual family holiday up at Peregian Beach (besides the blue bottle infestation) with lots of time spent by the pool with the kids.  Robyn and Rochelle laid low and were back on deck on the 3rd Jan.

As most of you are aware, our little office got a big flood pre-Christmas.  Thankfully we were still in the office at the time and managed to save all the important items but it was a very sad sight to see as the water came rushing through our lovely office.  We were fortunate compared to some others in the area though and now we do have some lush new carpet that I think is even better than the last one!

2019 is off to a racing start with everyone planning some epic journeys for this year, and even into 2020! Europe is as popular as ever with hots spots still being France, Italy, Greece & Croatia.
Cruising (Ocean & River) is, as always, increasing with popularity and still sees very high growth each season. More and more cruise companies are sending ships “Down Under” to cater for the demand closer to home during our Cruise Season (November to March).

Another big area of travel at the moment is the Adventure Market – I’m not talking climbing Mt Everest or Bungy Jumping off bridges, but travel options that take you off the beaten track and into remote or exotic destinations and experiencing the food and culture first hand.  Companies like Intrepid, Peregrine and G Adventures do this sector brilliantly

As for our own travels…
Recently Rochelle took a short P&O Cruise from Melbourne to Kangaroo Island and enjoyed it immensely.   She has done a little write up here.
I was in recently in Wellington for a conference and then took myself over to Picton on the ferry and took the beautiful coastal drive to Kaikoura.  My aim was to go whale watching but mother nature decided against that so I drove to Hanmer Springs instead and then Akaroa before flying out of Christchurch. Even in the rain that country is still one of my favourites!
Robyn is celebrating a “small” birthday this year so she is jetting off to Europe in the hopes she doesn’t get older once she crosses the international dateline!
In July/August, I am off to Club Med Bintan with a group of friends before hitting up Spain & Sicily with my husband and son. I cannot wait!
Jannene – well who knows, we will try get her away somewhere!!

We are thrilled to be hosting an information evening with our Luxury Travel Partners, APT.
It will be held on Monday the 8th April at 6pm. We have had a great response so far so please get in touch if you are interested and we can add you to the list.   We have also been able to secure an exclusive deal for bookings made on the night and up to 7 days after as follows:
Save $500 per couple on Europe trips 7 days or longer  
Save $400 per couple on all other destinations 7 days or longer 

We are hoping to host some more of these information nights in the future with different travel partners so if there is anything you would like us to get together please just let us know.

I would also like to quickly touch on the collapse of Online Travel Companies BestJet and Hotels Quickly.   I really can’t stress to you enough the risks of booking with such online companies. If someone is selling an airfare less than the airline itself, it is NOT a viable business model in our opinion.  If you use search engines like Sky Scanner & Kayak, they are just that, search engines.  The availability is not necessarily live and once you click on that “super cheap fare” you are then redirected to another site to make the booking. Usually once you get to that site the price increases.  Also note that by booking with these companies most of them are not Australian meaning you are not covered by Australian Consumer Law and good luck trying to get help from them if you need!

Our agency is ATAS Accredited meaning we meet strict financial criteria and run a credible and stable company. You can read about ATAS here.

That’s about it from us this time.  As always if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see more of in our newsletters please send them to me, you can reply to this email or email me directly on susie@eastivanhoetravel.com.au

Be sure to follow us on social media via the links below for up to date information, inspiration and a bit of fun and our other regular sections are below for your enjoyment.

Susie & The Team
(Jannene, Robyn & Rochelle)




STA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation – USA) MUST now be done at least 72 hours prior to travel
Please only use this website and only pay $14USD per person

The DFAT website has some brilliant information on all countries around the world.

Check out the Smart Traveller Website



Interesting read on how airlines save fuel by modifying the some of the simplest things on board.

Ganvie in Africa is the country’s largest city built entirely on stilts.

The whole of China operates on Beijing time, even though the country covers five time zones

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