August 4, 2022 Mary-Anne Brasachio


It’s time to set sail on a World Cruise in 2025 that explores the world off-season, off-tempo and off the beaten path. Set forth on a voyage for true travellers, not tourists. Access places you’ve never heard of. See things differently and discover the most authentic, unexpected moments in iconic destinations. Take an exclusive look at the world and at time itself.
Controtempo will also be super special as the very first world cruise onboard Silversea’s magnificent flagship, Silver Dawn. With unparalleled comfort, suites like this one, and lots of personal space and dining options – including 8 bars and lounges AND eight restaurants – you’ll be spoiled for choice. Let us give you a glimpse of what you can expect on this cruise.
Pre-sale for World Cruise 2025 is open exclusively to 2022, 2023 & 2024 past cruisers, as well as Venetian Society members.
Departs January 13, 2025
Door-To-Door From $108,000 with Air Credit Included

Where Will You Go?

136 Days, 59 Destinations, 1 Unique Journey

History buffs will want to write home about Hiroshima. Despite being devastated in 1945, this Japanese city is known to all for its commitment to peace. A walk in the leafy boulevards of Peace Memorial Park brings quiet contemplation.


Advanced, airy and elevated, Singapore is a spectacular, futuristic vision of utopian city life. Once a quiet fishing village, now a glistening island city-state and an international beacon of science, education
and technology.

A chaotic, colossal collision of east and west – start your day in Europe and end it in Asia, all without breaking a sweat. Sprawling across two continents, the city has been toed, froed and yanked between countless civilisations over its history.


Few can resist the grand beauty of Amsterdam’s famous canals, which thread through this place of evocative beauty and thrilling contrast. Open-minded and tolerant, Amsterdam is a place for history buffs and hedonists alike, and its diverse neighbourhoods have something for everyone – whether it’s the beachside relaxation of Bloemendaal, nocturnal thuds of Buiksloterham, or characterful charm of Jordaan.


Emerald spires puncture the sky across Sweden’s alluring capital, a leafy place of history, culture and waterfront perfection. Innovative and inventive, Stockholm is a city looking to the future, but with a firm grip of its envied past.

Historic yet revolutionary, few places embody the American dream quite as well as Boston – and you’ll feel the strong independent streak, and pride in the founding ideals of freedom and independence wherever you go.


Your Host: Silver Dawn

A new world of luxury is waiting aboard Silver Dawn. Both classic yet modern, Silver Dawn is the natural evolution of the fleet. Sumptuous suites, outstanding itineraries plus cutting-edge design and technology, Silver Dawn sets new standards of luxury. Isn’t it time you woke up to a new dawn with Silversea?

Rooted in the ancient Roman philosophy that living well and being well are not mutually exclusive, Otium redefines luxurious pampering at sea by creating blissful moments of unprecedented comfort that transform the way you relax – seamlessly imbuing your Controtempo World Cruise with a deeper sense of contentment.


More than just a delectable concept, S.A.L.T. (Sea And Land Taste) seeks to truly understand and more deeply appreciate each destination by savouring the heart of its culture – which can best be seen through the lens of its authentic local food culture – seasoned with the time of year you’ll be visiting and balancing traditional with modern delicacies.

Each of the unique events will only happen once but will be remembered for a lifetime. Starting with a magnificent gala dinner, they will immerse you in a voyage of genuine discovery to uncover the true spirit of the Cham Empire, a sky-high Singaporean extravaganza, a romantic Bollywood experience, a private tour of an Egyptian presidential palace and more.


For cruises and guests worldwide: Health and safety protocols, guest conduct rules, and regional travel restrictions vary by ship and destination, and are subject to change without notice. Due to evolving health protocols, imagery and messaging may not accurately reflect onboard and destination experiences, offerings, features, or itineraries. These may not be available during your voyage, may vary by ship and destination, and may be subject to change without notice.

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