We are thrilled to announce with the restrictions easing we will be re-opening the store for appointments only on Mondays from 10am – 4pm.

It will be short and sweet for the time being and most likely just Susie instore (so go easy on her!).

Robyn, Rochelle & Nene are of course still available remotely and may make some special guest appearances, you never know!

Although we are only a small store, we are committed to complying with all the COVID safe directives.  Naturally, you will be required to:

  • Wear a face mask at all times
  • Socially distance
  • Practice good hygiene including sanitising your hands on entry (sanitiser provided)
  • Complete the COVID visitor register on entry

And please, if you are unwell in the slightest or have been in contact with anyone who has (or even suspected they may have) COVID then please do not enter our store. Get tested and stay home.

We are permitted to have 5 people in the office at any time – this includes staff. 

For this reason appointments will be required and will be limited to 30 minutes.


Whilst staff may be working reduced hours, please be assured that all clients will still receive the level of service that they expect and deserve, it just may take 3 seconds instead of 2 at the moment.

Bear with us, we are here (just!)  and will help in whatever way we can.

Refunds and Credits are still taking quite some time to come back to us in most cases – Airlines are the longest including Qantas who is currently running about 4 months behind.

When we return to a COVID Normal we will gradually return to the office, probably with some limited hours for quite some time yet, again, we are always contactable.

In the meantime, please direct all your enquiries to your consultant at their personal email address, or send a message to: travel@eastivanhoetravel.com.au and we will ensure it is passed on.


Keeping you informed

We have been working on keeping you updated about all things Travel & COVID, please see our

Travelling in a COVID World Blog  and our Survey Results 

We are also working on a Covid Travel Checklist for future travels.

You can view our current COVID Safe Plan here.

We welcome you to speak with us for more information
on any of our services or special offers.