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Due to COVID-19 The AFTA Chargeback Scheme (ACS) is temporarily suspended until further notice.

We still strongly recommend you pay with Credit Card and your Advisor may process your transaction directly with the supplier where possible.


Due to the recent insolvency of some respected travel companies, we have carefully reassessed the way we process credit card transactions to better protect both you as the consumer and also East Ivanhoe Travel & Cruise.   As such, we have partnered with Mint Payments who are an Accredited Payment Partner of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) Chargeback Scheme (ACS).

Whilst we accept most forms of payment, it is important to know that paying by cash, direct deposit, EFTPOS or cheque does leave you quite vulnerable financially in the event of supplier insolvency.

Under Australian Law, in the event of supplier insolvency, you as a consumer are able to apply for a charge back to your credit card provider for Goods/Services not received.   This obviously is excellent protection for you.

However if we (East Ivanhoe Travel & Cruise) have processed the transaction in our office, these charge back funds are deducted from our account automatically leaving us out of pocket with no way of recouping the funds.

The ACS helps protect us from any future chargebacks that could be devastating to our business so it is imperative that we implement this process effective immediately to ensure both our valued clients and East Ivanhoe Travel & Cruise have this important safety net in place.

You can make a secure credit card payment with Mint Payments by clicking the link below (Note this will take you to Mint Payments’ secure processing site and away from eastivanhoetravel.com.au), to return, simply click your browser’s ‘back’ arrow.



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