October 19, 2020 Susie Rutz

Survey Results – Travelling & COVID

After analysing the results from our post COVID survey, we hope you found the information in our previous blog helpful and answered some of your concerns in preparing for your future adventures.

We thought you may also be interested to see the results from our survey too, happy reading

The responses to this one were as expected. Everyone is a little different when considering international travel again. Please remember though we are always here to help with any questions you may have as borders slowly reopen.
All we can say on this one is…. hurry up borders! It’s totally understandable that some people will still want to wait and see whilst others prefer to wait for a vaccine.
I hope the information we provided recently helps clear up some questions and misconceptions around air travel.  We understand though that driving your own car or caravan is ideal for some of our clients right now.
We think this one is spot on too; there are just so many different elements to consider which makes international travel a little tricky. We hope that with rapid testing, the CommonPass App (if proven successful) and various other protocols being considered and implemented worldwide, people can begin to feel confident and safe enough to travel again.
By the looks of these results maybe we should consider taking the word “Cruise” out of our name!  Just kidding. Despite these results, we have so many dedicated cruisers amongst us, some of which have already re-booked for 2021!  I hope the information in the previous blog helps to clarify some of the steps cruise lines are already implementing or working on to improve the safety of cruising for when we next sail off into the sunset!
As you can see from the information sent in our previous email “all of the above” will very much be the way forward and the “new normal” for quite some time. Its good to see that a majority of travellers are willing to do all of these things. Let’s hope they find a friendlier way to test though.  I have seen that dogs can sniff out COVID in human sweat which is amazing!  I would be more than happy to be sniffed by a dog rather than have a bud plunged into my brain!
Kia Ora Bro! New Zealand is one of my favourite countries in the world, yes – THE WORLD! Hopefully the South Pacific can re-open to us again soon too. Other destinations that were mentioned by you were Greece, Canada, UK, Italy, Scandinavia, Taiwan, South Korea and Vietnam…. well we can only wait and see.
No surprises here with NT, WA & Queensland always at the top of the wish list for us Victorians. Obviously Victoria may be our only option for a little while longer, we’ll have to wait and see.
Poor ACT….

Top marks for correct answers here!   As for “those” 7 people… I hope we didn’t do you wrong, if so please get in touch so we can make you believers again!

We know domestic travel can be quite simple to do yourself; you may be taking private rentals, going to your own holiday homes or using frequent flyer points, etc.  But keep in mind we get access to exclusive deals through our suppliers that can actually work in your favour.  For example the NT Summer Promotion where you get $200 cash back for every $1000 spent or the Hayman Island exclusive promotion we currently have available.

We also can book Luxury Escapes for you at exactly the same cost.
We know you get an email every day, if not twice a day, from them with some tempting ideas!

Domestic is just about all we can sell at the moment so we are asking for your support in considering booking with us. We also have been participating in additional training with Tourism Australia to keep up to date with what our great land has to offer.

And if you need a refresher on why using an Independently Owned & Operated Travel Advisory you can take a read of my blog post here.

Roger that, we hear you loud and clear!

We welcome you to speak with us for more information
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