October 17, 2022 Mary-Anne Brasachio

Welcome To Our Spring Newsletter

Hello Travellers,

Yes, I know I am a tad late in sending the “Spring” Newsletter…!

The reason for the delay is it is still quite manic for us all at the moment; at times it’s difficult to keep up and just about every day a new challenge presents itself, sometimes even multiple times a day… or night!

So again, I must say a massive thank you for being so patient with us!  We are working almost around the clock at the moment and it can take us longer than we would like to get back to you. Please know even if you don’t hear from us daily, we are still working on your bookings and will get back to you as fast as we      possibly can.

The demand for travel is still incredibly high with the supply vs. demand ratio
unlike anything we have ever seen before and it is really making it quite difficult.  Whilst airlines are starting to put on a few more flights, and Cathay Pacific are
literally retrieving their planes from the Outback (yay!), we still need more options to and from Australia. We still urge you to book as early as you can, especially for the European 2023 Summer or anywhere around school holidays or other major events as this lack of availability is set to be with us for quite a while longer from all reports!

In amongst navigating all this madness and chaos that is the world of travel
nowadays, I managed to sneak away to Tahiti in July (and tried not to work toomuch); it was just perfect!  Although not the world’s most inexpensive destination (our favourite saying comes to mind – “it is what it is!”), I highly recommend Tahiti for the absolute pristine beaches, gorgeous waterfalls and the laid back Polynesian vibe; what better place to recharge than in Tahiti?!

Rochelle has been busy over the past few months too as she jetted off to Port Douglas, Club Med Phuket and also Fiji. This week she is off on a cruise along the Queensland coast so we look forward to hearing all about her adventures on the high seas when she returns!

Besides lost luggage, missed connections and delayed and cancelled flights, we have absolutely loved receiving photos and stories from your travels.  It truly makes our day to get photos & videos from your journeys so please always send them in!!

So until Summer, hang in there travelers – we’ve got you!

Stay sane and never stop travelling.
Susie & The Team
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Airlines can change flight times, flight numbers and schedules at any time. It may be 5 minutes, it may be 5 hours, or may just be an outright cancellation of the flight. Please remember that although this is frustrating, it is still very common and as the world is dealing with travel demand its never seen before please be
prepared for possible changes and delays.
We of course will help you
wherever we can.


Literally, get them out and look at them. This will ensure that:

1 – You can actually find them
2 – You can check their expiry date.

If they have expired, or are due to expire within 6 months of your return to Australia, you should look to renew them now. The Passport Office is still
experiencing lengthy delays due to the increased demand. Even if you don’t have plans for travel in the near future, we recommend you always have a VALID Passport.


This is still happening quite a lot so be prepared. Ensure you have all valuables and a change of clothes with you when travelling internationally.

If your bags do not arrive you must report it and get a claim number at the airport. You will normally get a case number that can be tracked online.

It is also a good idea to take a photo of your luggage and its contents in the event that it never comes home and you need to make a claim with insurance.





The office is open for
consultations by appointment from
10am-4pm  Monday – Thursday
0am-3pm  Friday

We are unable to take walk in
appointments at this time.

Not all advisors are in every day and will continue to
work from home on some days so please contact us to make a time.










Pool Time Chill in Singapore









Lunch Menu – Scotland







Glencoe, Scotland










Swimming with Rays in Moorea (Tahiti)













Rush Hour in Cairo!










Where else but Paris!












Poolside in Provence

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