June 6, 2020 Susie Rutz

Winter Newsletter 2020

Winter News 2020

Hello Travellers,

Well Winter has well and truly arrived, although having spent Autumn in “lockdown” it seems to have crept up faster than usual!

As always, we hope you are all going well and enjoying the easing of restrictions.  We sure have a long way to go and the world, especially the travel world, won’t look the same for quite some time.  Hopefully by the time this newsletter is sent we will have a better idea on exactly when we can get travelling interstate and in “the bubble” (yes, we are looking at you Queensland!)

We are still working from home but, like everyone, our feet are starting to get a little itchy and we hope to gradually start opening the office again in July.  We will of course have some reduced hours but it will be good to have a bit of routine, a good coffee from Picket Fence and, most of all, be together in the office and see all your friendly faces as you walk by (never underestimate how much we love a wave!)

I will keep you updated as we get closer to returning to the office of course but please remember in the meantime you can still contact us anytime via  email and the answering machine has my mobile number if you need me or any of the girls.

While naturally most of our business is international travel, I would just like to reiterate that we of course do book domestic travel too.  We love Australia, it really has so many experiences to offer.

The girls and I have been spending a lot of time upskilling with webinars left right and centre to make sure we are all up to date, not just with Tourism Australia but also with many others who offer some quite unique options and with more to come. I have included one of our fave clips from Tourism Australia below, turn it up and enjoy!

Please keep us in mind for all your domestic travel  – we can do that week on the Gold Coast, a weekender in Sydney or Saffire Resort Freycinet, 5 nights in Hayman, an adventure though the Top End, the Outback or the Kimberly’s… you name it we can do it!   I have been focusing our emails and socials towards Australian destinations so I hope you are enjoying them and it’s giving you some inspiration!  I cant wait to get away soon and enjoy all our country has to offer!

So refunds… they are still taking forever!  Some have been surprisingly quick but most are taking a long time and will continue to do so.  I was chatting today with network colleagues and we were all saying we are at that stage where our patience is really being tested, as we know yours is too.  But the people we deal with are people, we love them and the ones still working have been so good given the almighty bleak circumstances.

I know East Ivanhoe Travel clients are some of the worlds best, but can I just ask you to please continue your exceptional patience a bit longer.  This is the hardest blow our industry has EVER been dealt.  We made it through SARS, 911, volcanoes, GFC, Ebola, Zika, Cheeka, Picka & Mika – the lot!  But nothing has been this devastating to not only travel advisors but the WHOLE tourism industry WORLDWIDE.  This includes Jose in Mexico who was your tour guide, John who sells tickets to the London Eye, Karen who sells tickets for the Hop on Hop off in New York and then Billy, Ben & Bob who were your airport transfer guys!  Just keep it in mind that everyone is going through this, there are over 7.8 Billion people in this world and a LOT of them have all had to cancel their plans, just like you.

I have also put together a bit of a blog on how travel consultancies work and what happens with your money once you pay us for your travel plans.  I encourage you to have a read here and if you have any questions at all please ask myself or your consultant.

In some good news, we are excited to have something to celebrate soon!
Jannene (Nene) my amazing Mum and our Founder started our little empire on the 1st July 2000, so this year (of all years!!) we turn the big 2-0!
I am forever grateful that I can continue Nene’s legacy and I have loved every minute (except maybe for the last 3 months) of owning the business over the last 5 years.  Although COVID has bought challenges we never thought we would face, we know we will be here for 20 more years!  (Unless there is another pandemic – then sorry guys, I’m out!)  Hopefully you would have received our invite to our virtual party on the 1st July – if not please click here for details.  There will be some trivia and prizes; we would love to “virtually” see you there to celebrate with us!

As always, if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see more of in our newsletters please send them in.  Our regular sections are below for your enjoyment too.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Susie & The Team
(Jannene, Robyn & Rochelle)


Travel “Bits & Tips”

Travel Insurance still essential for domestic trips!
Consider unexpected cancellations (non-pandemic related), losing your Gucci sunnies, or the value of an included rental car excess’.

Whilst we can’t cruise at the moment, our friends at Royal Caribbean have given us some DIY Spa Treatments – click here for info.  We promise there are some good ones & Rochelle is currently testing them all for us.

Before you book online, regardless of how big or small your trip may be, please consider contacting us first and supporting your local agency.   We can often offer the same, or better deals and if something happens you know you will have the support of a professional to help guide you through

If you need to leave the country at the moment you need to apply for an exemption with Home Affairs.  Here is the link with the info and to apply.


Just for fun!

1 in 13 jobs are in Travel & Tourism

Canada has over three million lakes

Russia is bigger than Pluto

The city of Monaco is smaller in size than Central Park in New York City

Each month Rochelle prints us this “Motivational Calendar”
It gives us a laugh and sometimes just what we need to hear or do
I will share them monthly for you on the website



We welcome you to speak with us for more information
on any of our services or special offers.